Going Green

Safety Harbor has been “Going Green” in a city-wide effort to preserve the environment. Mayor Andy Steingold has signed the Mayors’ Green City Action Accord that was proposed by the Florida League of Cities. The Accord is the city’s promise to work with environmental organizations and other government entities to develop and use alternative energies and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The city has already adopted a Grand Tree Ordinance to protect the most remarkable trees in the community whenever new development or a change in landscaping is contemplated. Another environmental program is the city’s own recycling efforts. In addition, the city has been coordinating a national Pollutant Discharge Elimination System to prevent things like fertilizer, oil drippings from cars, pet waste and grass clippings from entering local waterways through direct storm runoff or the stormwater system.
A green team has begun looking at City operations to find additional ways to make them more environmentally friendly as Safety Harbor goes forward with the process of qualifying as a certified Florida “Green City.” Residents can help by increasing the amount of Florida Friendly and drought-resistant landscaping at their homes. In the long run, it will help residents by reducing water bills and easier maintenance. It will help the city by making it healthier and a “greener” place to live.