SHINE Mural Festival Returns October 5-14, 2017

Colorful Street Art Celebration Welcomes New Artists.  The SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival is returning for its 3rd year October 5-14, 2017, transforming 15 walls and one underpass into exciting outdoor works of art. Festival curators are pleased to announce the official selection of this year’s world-renowned participating artists:
Cryptik – Los Angeles, CA
Cryptik creates frshine 2017om a palette of wonder where science, math, and art intersect. His artist practice is about asking questions, and his intricate works spread across mammoth walls or canvases in stylized depictions of spiritual universality. The Southern Californian hypnotically blends Eastern philosophical mantras with black letter bombing, merging the ancient and sacred in a modern quest for awareness.
Hueman – Oakland, CA
Artist Allison Tinati, known as Hueman, grew up drawing and painting in Northern California, and received her degree in Design and Media Arts from UCLA in 2008. Hueman’s style reveals colorful mash-ups of the abstract and figurative, the beautiful and grotesque. Tightly refined compositions begin with spontaneous paint drips and sprays, creating motion on two-dimensional surfaces. Her layered works can be seen on public walls and in galleries worldwide.
Joram Roukes – Groningen, Netherlands
Netherlands-born Joram Roukes is an internationally working fine artist recognized for collage-like assemblages and perspectives on contemporary culture. His playful compositions build narrative and irony through balanced tension and impressionistic images. Roukes is currently represented by Galleri Benoni in Denmark, Thinkspace Gallery in California, and StolenSpace Gallery in London.
Waone – Kyiv, Ukraine
Vladimir Manzhos, known as Waone, is an artist and muralist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Influenced by hip-hop graffiti traditions, Waone creates surrealist murals populated with fantastic imagery, bringing bright colors and smooth gradients to walls from India to Miami. His most recent project is located in Toiles de Rue, Rabat, Morocco.
Lauren YS – San Francisco, CA
Lauren YS is a San Francisco-based artist whose work is influenced by dreams, mythology, and her Asian-American heritage. Her large-scale public murals bring a sense of wonder to communities, as she populates a vibrant wonderland with misfit heroines and fantastic narratives. Lauren’s art appears at
festivals such as Art Basel Miami, Pow!Wow! Hawaii, and PangeaSeed SeaWalls, as well as in galleries
in Vienna, London, and Sydney.
Alex Yanes – Miami, FL
The art of Alex Yanes tells a story influenced by Cuban roots, growing up in Miami during the ‘80s and
‘90s immersed in skateboard, tattoo, hip-hop, and rock culture. Whimsical but relatable, his art features
innovative use of color and imaginative subjects, coming alive through wood, acrylic, resin, and enamel
into three-dimensional installations. Yanes is now working and raising his family in Miami, while
catching the attention of art aficionados and corporate collectors alike.
Axel Void – Miami, FL
Axel Void (Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs) was born in Miami in 1986 to a Haitian mother and a Spanish
father. Raised in Spain from age three, he was strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing.
Axel studied fine arts in Cádiz, Granada, and Sevilla, and has been immersed in graffiti writing since
1999. He was based in Berlin before moving to Miami in 2013, where he currently resides.
Sam Yong – Melbourne, Australia
Sam Yong is an artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, working across a variety of
traditional mediums. A love of nature and solo adventure manifests through his art, where intricate
illustrations reflect on complex relationships between living things. Yong has exhibited in Paris, the
United States, New Zealand, Melbourne, and is placed in private commissions across the globe.
Mikael B – Los Angeles, CA
Influenced by early years as a graffiti artist in Copenhagen, Mikael B founded his own design agency
before moving to Los Angeles to work as an urban contemporary artist. His signature identity combines
the graphic footprint of wildstyle graffiti with bold colors and geometric shapes, building a dynamic
universe reminiscent of musical visualization. His monograph includes energetic works on canvases and
walls, gallery exhibitions, and commissions by clients such as Google, Nike, and American Express.
Jose Mertz – Miami, FL
An artist and image-maker based in Miami, Jose Mertz pushes an experimental style inspired by ancient
civilizations, science fiction, eastern philosophy, and the supernatural. Embracing multimedia platforms,
his work ranges from traditional painting and murals, to product design on t-shirts and stickers.
Stephen Palladino – Los Angeles, CA
New York-born artist Stephen Palladino creates work combining raw, expressive mark making with
tight and clean lines. Building upon his childhood obsession with cartoons and graffiti, Palladino creates
characters that are slick and gritty, dark and lowbrow, mashed up with hidden layers of popular imagery
and dialogue. Commissioned by Lady Gaga, Absolut Vodka, Reebok, and others, Palladino is currently
based in Los Angeles and presented his first solo gallery show there in 2015.
Yok & Sheryo – Australia and Singapore
Yok & Sheryo are Brooklyn, New York-based collaborators influenced by skateboarding and kitsch
culture who have exhibited and painted together around the world. Singaporean Sheryo seeks to analyze
the human psyche and mercurial contemporary lifestyles, while Australian-born Yok is fueled by
cartoons and street graphics. Together their mural and installation art stretches across mediums,
speaking to those with an unabashed affinity for ‘80s and ‘90s popular culture.
Jujmo – Tampa, FL
Tampa-based artist Jujmo brings her affinity for color to life through drawings and paintings of happy,
intertwined worlds. Fanciful, cartoonish, and strange creatures collide in her densely patterned
compositions on walls, canvases, and even shoes and cars.
Herbert Scott Davis – Tampa, FL
Growing up in historic Ybor City, Herbert Scott Davis developed an early passion for art and culture. A
graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and former freelance illustrator, Davis now focuses on
fine art, bringing his detailed or abstracted imagery to canvases and walls alike.
Jared “Thirst” Hernandez – St Petersburg, FL
Jared Hernandez, also known as Thirst, is a prolific St. Pete muralist who has long been active in the
local street art scene. His detailed artwork, found on walls throughout the area and across Florida,
reveals a love of comic books and pop culture, showing vibrant depth through geometric shapes and
Zulu Painter – St. Petersburg, FL
Zulu Painter is a multi-media artist working in traditional mediums, as well as in body paint, special
effects, installation, and scenic art. His aerosol-based murals can be found throughout Florida, including
large-scale works in St. Petersburg’s Historic Midtown that contribute to the creative revitalization of
this bustling city.
R5 – St. Petersburg, FL
Born in Mexico City and now living in St. Petersburg, Daniel Barojas, also known as R5, works in
diverse artistic mediums including mixed media illustration, watercolor, graphic/product design,
jewelry, photography, toys, and graffiti. Using cultural and street influences as inspirations for his art,
Daniel’s mission is to spread positivity by means of creativity.

The recipient of this year’s SHINE Open Call Wall is St. Pete local artist John Suarez, a graduate of
Ringling College of Art and Design and founder of Art in the Park in Bradenton. Suarez is a
contemporary artist known for his signature portraiture work and graphic style. Using the moniker
Suarezart, he creates detailed paintings, sculptures, digital illustrations, and drawings.
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