VaporGenics Tampa Bay Company Offers ‘Green Solutions’

VaporGenicsIf you are a farmer in a little village in a third world country who has no way to power a pump to bring water to his family or his crops, or a homeowner who’s tired of paying rising electric bills for heating and air conditioning—a local company has created innovative “green” solutions to your problems.

Through the use of its patented Universal Heat Engine, a Tampa Bay company known as VaporGenics® has made some real breakthroughs in vapor power technology with more to come in the future.  By combining solar thermal panels, natural gas, and other heat sources, VaporGenics® may soon revolutionize energy availability.

Redington Shores resident Patrick Sheppard is president of VaporGenics®. He has been working with a team of research engineers who have developed this new technology to produce usable energy for a virtually endless variety of applications.

“It’s revolutionary, yet it’s simple,” Sheppard says. “We use a variety of energy sources to produce low grade heat that our patented Universal Heat Engine can convert into power. If heat is available, the VaporGenics Heat Engine can convert it into numerous other usable forms of energy.”

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