‘Battle of the Burg(er)’ Winners!!

Craftsman House, Zaytoon Grille Celebrity Winners

For the 5th year in a row, restaurants of the Grand Central District participated in the ‘Battle of the Burg(er),’ a month-long contest to determine who serves the best burger.  During the month of September, more than 100 people dined at participating restaurants to taste the entries and then voted online for their favorite in two separate categories. We are excited to announce the winners of the Battle of the Burg(er)!

In the Vegetarian Category:

Celebrity Winner:  Craftsman House, Craftsman Burger

Our Celebrity Judge, Laura Mulrooney, chose the Craftsman Burger from the Craftsman House at 2955 Central Avenue.  Mulrooney states, “This veggie burger wins on all accounts. Taste, innovation, atmosphere and price. I was instantly excited to see the lightly browned croissant. The smell of the curry spices in the tzatziki instilled a warm comfort adding to the relaxing atmosphere of the gallery and the breezy porch and glass wind chimes tinkling together. The patty was firm and held together well when biting into it. Each layer tasted spectacular on its own and together it made the sandwich devour-able.”

1st Place People’s Choice:  Community Café, The Bella Burger

The Community Café is located at 2444 Central Avenue

2nd Place People’s Choice: Love Food Central, The Love Burger

Love Food Central is located at 2057 Central Avenue

In the Meat Category:

Celebrity Winner:  Zaytoon Grill, The Zaytoon Burger

Our Celebrity Judge, Arielle Stevenson, chose the Kefta Burger from the Zaytoon Grill at 1618 Central Avenue. Stevenson states, “There’s something about an unpretentious mom-and-pop Greek diner-style dining room that put me at ease before my very unladylike feast. It felt like the kind of place a person should be eating a burger. And what a burger it was; freshly ground beef spiced with mediterranean-style Kefta blends on a toasted bun with feta. Maybe it was the fresh parsley and garlic but my burger didn’t need any additional bells and whistles. Simple, inventive, and I devoured it silently (always a good sign). New in the Grand Central District, they do a no-frills menu perfectly and represent our neighborhood well in every dish they serve. The Zaytoon burger takes the cake, or in this case the burger.”

1st Place People’s Choice:  Punky’s Bar & Grill, The Punky Burger

Punky’s Bar & Grill is located at 3063 Central Avenue

2nd Place People’s Choice:  The Queenshead  Eurobar & Restaurant, Sweet & Savoury Sliders

The Queenshead is located at 2501 Central Avenue

About the Grand Central District: The Grand Central District in St. Petersburg has been a Florida Main Street community since 2001. A unique urban village, the District is home to many beloved local restaurants and bars, antique retailers, art galleries, unique shops, professional and personal services, health/wellness providers, and more.  The Grand Central District is pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and can be easily reached via the Central Avenue Trolley