Clearwater Garden Club

Clearwater Garden Club

History in the Making

The Clearwater Garden Club, founded in 1950, and one of the oldest Garden Clubs in Pinellas County, announced the appointment of Howard Warshauer as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Warshauer, who joined the Garden Club in 2014, succeeds Anne Fogarty-France, who served as Chairman since 2018.  The Garden Club is located in the upcoming North Marina Area neighborhood at 405 Seminole Street, Clearwater.

Howard Warshauer (LEFT) is a founder of Clearwater Community Gardens and has served as President since its inception in 2014.  The Community Garden began as a committee of the Garden Club and is now an independent not for profit Florida corporation and one of the most successful community gardens in Pinellas County.

Warshauer takes over the reigns of the Garden Club during the CoronaVirus Pandemic.  He immediately implemented a Zoom Video series named Garden Talks and also held the first Board of Directors meeting on Zoom.  He said, “We are now taking a summer break as a result of the CoronaVirus Pandemic and will begin the new season October 17th with a very special Garden Party Mingle”.

The Garden Club also appointed the following to the Executive Committee: 1st Vice President, Anne Fogarty France; Second Vice President, Maggie Custer; Recording Secretary, Mike Flanery; Treasurer, Jennifer Clarke; Asst Treasurer, Mary Ann Schneider; Corresponding Secretary, Hilda Sinnett; and Directors: Alice Jarvis, Nancy Chambers, and Paul Keleti. For more on the community garden in previous stories click here.

About the Clearwater Garden Club

The Clearwater Garden Club was founded in 1950 with the purpose of education of the members and the public in the fields of Gardening, Horticulture, Botany, Landscape Design, environmental awareness through the conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, and nature studies. They are a member of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.  More information can be found at