Cosmetic Medicine…Not Just for Women


It may come as no surprise that women continue to be the most frequent users of cosmetic medicine in comparison with men, at a 9 to 1 ratio, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, that same research shows the percentage of men using non-surgical cosmetic procedures has risen at a faster rate than women in the past 15 years. From injectables to skin rejuvenation, men are now finding the real beauty of cosmetic medicine lies in its ability to tackle their skin concerns with solutions that work.

“There’s a myth that men don’t do anything or want to do anything about their skin, but that’s not true at all,” says Dr. Cynthia Elliott of Skinspirations Center for Cosmetic Enhancement in Clearwater. “They want to still look competitive at work and not be thought of as the old guy in the office, especially if they work with younger co-workers. Cosmetic medicine can help men to regain that vitality and youthful appearance, so they not only look but feel more approachable and relaxed at work, and a little younger, too.”

Skinspirations works closely with both men and women to provide a diverse selection of non-surgical cosmetic procedures for enhancing or repairing the skin through injectable fillers, laser services and specialized aesthetician services, including laser peels, hair removal, vein treatments, tattoo removal and more. For men, who–like the study suggests–make up about 10% of Skinspirations’ clientele, Dr. Elliott says the most commonly requested services are Botox injections, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments and laser resurfacing.

“The men who come to my office tell me they don’t want a lot of downtime, and Botox allows them to get it done relatively quickly without others being able to tell that they’ve had something done. They just look fresher and more youthful,” she says.

Dr. Elliott points out that unlike women who tend to focus on wrinkles, her male clients express more frustration with brown spots, something that can be addressed powerfully with the use of IPL, which produces a range of light wavelengths that interact with darker skin pigment by heating the dark spots until they flake away. The treatment requires more downtime than injectables but provides a potentially more dramatic effect.

She also notes that acne scars are a frequent topic of concern for male patients, Once evaluated, these scars can be treated in several ways including lasers, light devices and injections. Whatever the solution, her goals are always the same: convenience, ease and minimal pain.

“Men are so easy to work with because they come in knowing exactly what they want done. All they want to know is can you fix their problem with as little pain and downtime as possible and relatively no post-treatment care,” Dr. Elliott says, noting that her clients often show relief when they learn that tinted sunscreens are available for cover-up instead of wearing camouflage or makeup following a procedure that results in temporary redness.

“Whether they come in because their wife suggested it or because they decided on their own, men have realistic expectations when they walk through the door and are always expressive in sharing their excitement about the results,” Dr. Elliott says.

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Article written by Chris Kuln for Destination Tampa Bay magazine