3rd Annual Fantastic Ekphrastic by Keep St. Pete Lit

Live Performances of Plays, Poetry and Prose Inspired by Visual Art

Keep St. Pete Lit is elated that Fantastic Ekphrastic is now celebrating its third year at Soft Water Studios with Bob Devin Jones directing. It’s an experience that has riveted audiences for two years in a row. 

“Ekphrastic” is from a Greek word that means a ‘written commentary on a visual work of art.’

At Fantastic Ekphrastic, a fundraiser for non-profit literary arts organization Keep St. Pete Lit, local actors perform poetry, prose and plays inspired by the artwork on display.

Keep St. Pete Lit’s Maureen McDole explains the unique event. “There is nothing like seeing a writer’s work come to life, while also viewing the artwork that inspired it. It’s a totally visceral experience and every performance is different.”

The Fantastic Ekphrastic artists are local photographers, painters and sculptors. The writing comes from crafters of fiction, journalists, poets and playwrights.

“I had a strong desire to merge the visual and literary arts in a collaborative environment,” adds McDole. “By adding the performance aspect, we create a dynamic interdisciplinary experience.”

Tickets are $25 and on sale at keepstpetelit.org. All proceeds help Keep St. Pete Lit promote the vibrant local literary arts community, including low-cost writing classes at the Morean Art Center, LitSpace Writers Residency program in April, SunLit Literary Festival, a used bookstore at Morean Art Center, an upcoming kids summer writing camp and much more. Find out more at keepstpetelit.org.

The event will be held on Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25.  There will be two shows each night, at 5:30 pm and 8 pm (doors open at 4:30 pm).

2017 Fantastic Ekphrastic Artists and Writers:

Julia Polonyi/ Adrien Julious, Stacy Jo DeMott / Jeremiah Khokhar, Kim Radatz / Lisa Luella Kirchner, Bob Canning/ Joe Hamilton, Zulu Painter/ Jalessa Blackshear, D YaeL Kelley/ Elizabeth Brincklow, Ryan Michel/ Sheila Cowley, John Pendygraft/ Brooks Peters, Mark Mitchell/ Lisa Spencer, Laine Nixon/ Sabrina Dalla Valle, Marc Levasseur/ Nathan Van Coops, Jenipher Chandley/ Tracy Kennard, Josh Poll, collaboration with Dave Walker Glass, Daddy O Glass/ Jon Kile, Ya’ La Ford/ Matt Cowley, Mike Elwell/ Scott Harrell, Duncan McClellan/ Heather Sellers


Lisa Powers Tricomi, Erica Sutherlin, Mark Aeling, Mimi Rice, Rich Rice, Bob Heitman, Janet Keeler , Angela Bond, Sabrina Dalla Valle 

Directed by Bob Devin Jones

Art featured in poster: “White Raven Speaks – the Second Horizon” by D YaeL Kelley

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