author John Andes

Author Showcase-John Andes (Virtual)

John Andes is a prolific author of a dozen fast-paced crime/murder mystery books who has moved from self-published to commercially published8/ to internationally published. John writes in English, but several of his books have been translated into Danish after a publishing company read and liked them and asked if they could translate his writings. It has been said that his books are not for the faint of heart, John’s style of writing has been described as aggressive, hard-hitting, gritty and graphic. Unlike most crime novelists, John’s books appeal to women readers as well as the typical male audience. Each story contains a strong female component and are full of suspense, leaving the reader on the edge of their seats! This meeting is virtual only. To receive a Zoom link, please go to and register or call the library at (727) 773-2665.