Book Launch: Hunters Point Launch Event with Peter Kageyama

In 1958, San Francisco was in the midst of an economic, demographic and cultural growth. Yet many still felt like outsiders to that prosperity and when they needed help, they turn to Kats Takemoto!
Tombolo Books welcomes Peter Kageyama to celebrate the launch of his debut crime fiction novel, Hunters Point! Best known for his engaging books on city planning and falling in love with cities, Kageyama is venturing into the world of historical crime fiction with this rousing tale of cover-up, betrayal and blackmail. Kageyama will be in conversation with Keep St. Pete Lit founder, Maureen McDole.

To attend:

Option 1: Pre-order Hunters Point ($18.95 + tax) (Book plus 1 ticket)

Option 2: Click Here For The Bundle Option ($25 + tax) (Book plus 2 tickets)