Dunedin Church hosts LGBT Shower of Stoles Exhibit

Check out the  LGBT Shower of Stoles Exhibit at this Dunedin Church!  Faith United Church of Christ, 1650 Pinehurst Rd. in Dunedin will host the international “Shower of Stoles” exhibit, opening Saturday October 12th at 10am, displaying 50 colorful, artistic, sometimes handmade liturgical stoles from gay and lesbian clergy many of whom lost their jobs when “outed” for their sexual orientation. The exhibit draws from a collection of over a thousand stoles, collected from individuals and congregations around the world by the Institute for Welcoming Resources in Minnesota since 1996; the collection tours constantly around the country.

The Dunedin exhibit will be open to the public free of charge at Faith UCC, 1650 Pinehurst Rd., Dunedin from October 12-20.   Collected from LGBT clergy and lay leaders from 30 denominations, six countries and 3 continents, 50 stoles from the collection will be hung in the sanctuary of Faith UCC, with a brief personal story about each individual.

According to Faith UCC Pastor Michael MacMillan, “We are honored to host this extraordinary collection from people of faith who served in diverse faith communities all over the world, and some of whom were excluded because of their sexual orientation.”

The exhibit will be open free of charge on Saturdays from 10am-2pm, on Sundays from 12 noon-4 p.m. and during the week for groups by special appointment by calling the church office 727-799-4602.  Make the best of your visit…check out visit Dunedin here.

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