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Microsoft Excel Workshop Level I

During this workshop you will gain valuable Microsoft Excel skills with practical, hands on training. You can bring your own laptop to follow along or use your new laptop that will be provided to you when you register for the course. This is a basic course.

+  FREE personal laptop / computer


  • Intro & Set Up
  • The History of Excel
  • Getting Started: The Workings of Workbooks (create, modify, save, print worksheet(s))
  • Navigate the Excel User Interface (The Ribbon, Toolbar, Task Pane, etc.)
  • Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Copy & Paste)
  • Object and Cell Selecting
  • Cell Formatting
  • Basic Shortcuts
  • Pivot Tables
  • Worksheet Formulas and Functions
    • Formula Elements
    • Entering a Formula
    • Editing Formulas