Riders on the Spring Tour de SHINE visit a mural created by Pantonio in 2016.

Tocobaga Tribute Mural Reveal & Celebration

Daniel “R5” Barojas is a St. Petersburg artist that has been granted an Individual
Mural Artist Award grant from the ST. Pete Arts Alliance. Daniel “R5” Barojas will invite the public to join a mural reveal & celebration event debuting his mural project.
Saturday September 16 2017, 1PM-4PM, Daniel “R5” Barojas will debut the completed painting of his mural located at the Academy of Ballet Arts on 2914 1st Avenue North, St Petersburg FL, 33713 (the mural is on the rear wall facing in the alley).
The mural celebration & reveal will consist of a brief introduction & explanation of the project by Daniel Barojas at 1:30 pm. Music will be provided by Badda Skat throughout the entire event form 1PM -4PM. Refreshments will be provided to the public from RedBull sponsorship and Daniel “R5” Barojas.
The mural being painted by Daniel “R5” Barojas; are artist depictions the long extinct Tocobaga Indian tribe, indigenous and the original settlers of the Pinellas & Tampa Bay area. The mural displays two elder Tocobaga Indians, one a man and another a woman praying for a Tocobaga youth/child whom is peeking out from the bottom of the mural. The elders are praying for the youth/children who also symbolize the future of humanity for us all. The Tocobaga Indians are enclosed by a natural Florida setting of a sun rising over a curved earth depiction of the ocean, on the ends of the mural there is local Florida plant-life depicted, and the additional sculptural elements on either end of the mural will also depict Florida plant-life.
The mural is dedicated and intended to be a tribute to the Tocobaga Indians as well as to all ancestors, placing an importance on the teachings and knowledge left behind by them for us to move forward and positively into the future. The ancestral Tocobaga tribe that once called this area home will now have their own small slice of the city as a symbol of gratitude and a gesture of respect.
This project will focus on the continuing creative development of the current artistic esthetic produced by Daniel “R5” Barojas. In recent past Daniel “R5” Barojas has been seeking to incorporate visual illusions and an op-art style with his already stylized approach to figurative forms as well as abstract & organic shapes.
The project will consist of a main mural using a visual illusion which will have original art overlaid on the top of the illusion, and the various colors, each painted in both light & dark tones. This approach allows for the illusion to remain visible with the light/dark balance of colors, yet becomes a more colorful work of art with the use of color and shapes instead of the traditional black/white approach of op-art.
In conjunction with the mural there will be smaller sculptural elements made from wood which will allow the creative work to extend beyond the mural wall, into the surrounding environment. The intention of the project is to create an immersive mural and surroundings without having to be displayed in an enclosed location, this will be achieved through color harmony and fluidity as well as a visually captivating mural that challenges your perspectives and optics when you look at it. By using visual illusions in conjunction with colors and figurative shapes the static wall will give the illusion of movement.
The visual landscape in St. Petersburg Florida has been steadily growing over the past few years with many murals around our glorious city. The community in St. Petersburg will have another mural in the landscape, however the artistic approach and interactivity will be different than other murals in town. In addition to the mural, the sculptural elements will allow for the public to have a more than just a flat surface to interact with giving the project a more environmental and installation approach to the creative work presented. Community help in this project, was provided by children of St. Pete Academy Prep, through the involvement of the Carter G Woodson African American Museum. The subject matter of the mural will include elements/references native to ST. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, these will include natural elements such as fauna, as well as ancient indigenous tribes and cultures from the area. These native topics can be used to teach and share knowledge about the area, to residents and visitors alike.