Farwell to Elton John

Farewell to Elton John

Farewell to Elton John show will be visiting Destination Tampa Bay at the Amalie Arena is still scheduled for May 26th, 2020 at 8PM.  This is an event you will not want to miss! (Please check with facility for any cancellation updates) The great Elton John Bids a Farwell as one of the finest showman of our time.  Elton John kicks off his Farewell to Yellow Brick Road tour with a career spanning show.

A brand-new stage set will allow Elton and his six-piece backing band perform in front of a massive video screen framed with images celebrating his many career accomplishments. The screen will display new colorful original films of city life.

The Farewell to Elton John reviews the many years of his accomplishments.  Ever since he first toured in 1970 behind his eponymous sophomore album, he’s been a force to reckon with on stage. His countless costume changes, buoyant personality, and all-too-contagious energy has brought smiles, tears, and hope to millions upon millions of fans worldwide. Whether he’s strolling down the good ol’ Yellow Brick Road or roaring one of his half dozen hits from Pride Rock, John has forever been a magnanimous presence, affecting multiple generations and bringing together people in a way that few rock stars ever do or ever will.

This Farewell to Elton John will be a great deal as the legendary icon bids farewell.  He and longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin spent most of the late ’60s making a name for themselves by writing music for Dick James’ DJM Records, but it was the stage that truly turned Reginald Kenneth Dwight into Sir Elton John. Elton has always been at home up on stage, turning his legendary concept albums and timeless piano ballads into even more palpable experiences, and to see him wave goodbye is a devastating blow not only for the music industry but for fans everywhere. Elton John will continue this Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour world tour over the next three-years . For tickets here in Tampa Bay visit the event website.

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