Florida Birding and Nature Festival

Celebrating the Year of the Birds.  Attendees will enjoy expert seminars, Field Trips, Keynote Speakers, Exhibits and a Variety of Vendor Booths.  This year’s event will be held on October 12-14, 2018.  Experience Central Florida’s peak migration with 180 species.  You can also take advantage of the field trips to the best wildlife sites in West Central Florida led by experienced and engaging experts.  There will be workshops on identification, nature photography, and conservation and research initiatives.  The event will showcase unique products for wildlife lovers, artwork, birds boxes and more!  Exciting dinners will be available with exciting keynote speakers.  One of the keynote speakers this year will be Mac Stone, photographer of the everglades, Florida Bay and American’s Swamps.  For more information visit www.fbnfestival.org


Florida Birding and Nature Festival

October 12-14, 2018

HCC Brandon Campus

10451 Nancy Watkins Dr.

Tampa, FL  33619


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