Going organic at Sandpearl Resort

Executive Chef Steve Jordan welcomes you into his kitchen every Saturday. He’ll also make you a healthy lunch, regale you with entertaining stories and teach you how to cook healthy organic meals at home.  Add in the wine tasting that accompanies this delightful repast and the panoramic view of the azure Gulf and it’s downright decadent.

The good news is this happens every Saturday as part of the weekly Chef’s Organic Food and Wine Tasting at Caretta on the Gulf at the Sandpearl Resort. For $35, plus tax and tip, the intimate cooking demo and tasting starts at 3 p.m. (sign up by noon) and seating is limited to no more than 10. This particular Saturday,  everyone attending is a local resident, most regular diners at Caretta’s who are familiar with its award-winning cuisine and excellent service.

Today’s menu starts with an Organic Greens Salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette (“use a mix of canola and olive oil ,” says chef, “not straight olive oil”). It’s followed by the entrée of pan-seared Wild Grouper with Fingerling Potatoes (“smash them a bit before you sauté to bring out the flavor”) and a medley of seasonal organic vegetables (“whatever you have fresh”).  Dessert is a drop-dead decadent chocolate layered torte, maybe not organic but adored nonetheless.  After lunch, guests are treated to a tour of the Caretta kitchen by Chef Steve.

“The menu changes based on what we have fresh in the kitchen,” says Chef. “Everything is seasonal.”

To register for the Chef’s Organic Food and Wine Tasting at Caretta on the Gulf, call (727) 441-2425.

Photography and Article By Marcia Biggs written for Destination Tampa Bay magazine