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Meet the Team: Carrie and Christopher Rokosz

Business Neighbor Since: 2004

Rokosz Studios

Their Business: Through a broad portfolio of video production services, web-based multimedia content and campaign development and ultimately, Facebook and other social media marketing resources, ROKOSZ Studios has produced more than 40,000 online videos and generated over 1.5 billion views for clients. Chris Rokosz has over two decades of experience producing national radio and TV programs, and Carrie Rokosz is a video marketing and Facebook expert with over 13 years of experience in broadcast radio. Using their own rapid video production system that the firm developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the duo help clients get in front of their customers and prospective customers online, wherever they may be, and support a business’s efforts to maintain a healthy, engaged dialogue online. They do this by creating and publishing visually dynamic and topical, interactive content on a daily basis.

Carrie says this can be a daunting task for businesses to do on their own and takes away valuable time and staff resources. By hiring a firm like ROKOSZ Studios, the business owner can focus on what matters most — their business! — while ROKOSZ manages the brand’s online presence and engagement. “Being a family-owned and operated business ourselves, we know and have lived through the struggles of small business,” Carrie says. “We understand what it means to have an entire family fully vested in a business together. When my clients’ businesses grow as a result of what I do for them on Facebook, I find that so satisfying.”

Their Story:  ROKOSZ Studios’ history is a long one and quite impressive. The operation, which started as a boutique video production company run out of their home, has not only witnessed the growth and expansion of the use of video across websites and social media over the past 15 years — but the company has been an impactful player in the industry’s evolution. ROKOSZ Studios launched in 2004 — hard to fathom, but this was the year BEFORE was born! 

Since then, has become just one of several platforms that the video production and marketing firm uses strategically to support its clients, big and small. The award-winning company’s client list features area attractions and fun destinations including The Florida Aquarium and Murielle Winery, as well as local and national companies ranging in size from Pinot’s Palette, Greenpoint Thermography and Drama Kids International to The Home Depot, TurboTax and Mosaic.

Their Passion: Carrie says her clients refer to her as ‘The Friend That Helps You Be a Better Friend on Facebook .’ She loves making her clients SHINE on Facebook and bring flat, inactive pages to life by building engaging posts that get people talking and target the customers her clients long to attract. She has never flinched at answering a call after hours or responding to a late-night text about some new idea a client is excited to share or a need that arises. “They look to me for ideas and inspiration, and I love being there for them,” she says.

When Not Hard at Work… the Rokoszes can be found frequently at Largo Park walking their retired Greyhound Razl Dazl Rico, who Carrie says often draws a crowd and sparks conversations with other dog lovers and their pets. As Largo residents themselves, Carrie and Christopher are also loyal arts supporters, attending shows at the Largo Performing Arts Center often. Carrie also takes tap and ballet classes at the local community center.

In Their Words ~ the Largo business community:  I’m continually impressed at how our local business community rallies together to help other businesses or professionals. We all have our struggles, and I’m always telling my friends that are new in business to not be fearful, because when someone in the community is having trouble, that’s when the best springs from others. Largo is a supportive, beautiful place. We are all blessed to be part of this community. (Carrie)

In Their Words ~ Work and Play in Largo:  My actual neighbors are my clients. One lives three doors down, another three miles down the street. I think the biggest difference we’re making in Largo stems from our ability to help small businesses grow, which benefits them and our community at large. My clients offer important services to families in the community. I can’t think of a better way to help the community than to help my clients reach more potential customers that they can help! (Carrie)

Be sure to call and request a meeting with ROKOSZ STUDIOS to help with your social media marketing. You will be glad you did!

Find Us Here:     727.218.3962 ~ ~  visit us on Facebook and on YouTube!

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