Greg Billings Band comes to Ruth Eckerd Hall

Greg Billing Band Final Show

Greg Billings is the founding member of the popular ‘80s Florida band Romeo, that signed to Epic Records and released its first album after a name change to Stranger. The band solidified their catalog of Florida Music with hits like Swamp Woman, Okeechobee Whiskey, 3D, Hit and Run, Alligator Joe and Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Greg Billings Band Performs live at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Joining Greg and the Greg Billings Band will be original Stranger member, Tom King. Ruth Eckerd Hall presents Greg Billings Band Final Show on Saturday, November 13 at 8 p.m.  

“It’s been great playing these songs the last 40 years,” commented Billings.  “But I feel it’s time to move on to the next phase of my music life.” One of the most prominent bands in Tampa since the legendary days of Stranger, Greg Billings has become the quintessential frontman recognized for his unique vocal tonality, and his ability to grab any audience’s attention and hold them for as long as he’s on the stage. Backed by a sold band of veteran musicians, the Greg Billings Band brings smiles to the faces of live music lovers everywhere.  

Tickets priced at $103.75, $53.75, $42.75 and $32.75, as well as a very limited VIP Package* priced at $153.75, are available by visiting  Tickets may also be purchased by calling The Raymond James Central Ticket Office at Ruth Eckerd Hall at 727.791.7400, Tuesday through Saturday noon to 4 p.m. ONLY.   The Raymond James Central Ticket Office will open one hour prior to show time.
*The VIP Package includes:  a premium seat, a CD and surprise Greg Billings Band gifts, as well as a special post-show Greg Billings Band performance at a private location.  

The Beginnings of the Greg Billings Band:

Greg Billing leader of the Greg Billings Band

The Greg Billings Band is a continuation of a phenomenon that began when popular 80’s Florida band Romeo signed to Epic Records and released its first album after a name change to “Stranger”.  Stranger continued to win huge crowds around the southeast with an electrifying stage show and a roster of fun and hook-laden original songs. Greg Billings and Tom King were original members of Stranger and were there through it all.

Greg Billings Band Performs live at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Greg’s vocal range and ability were equally matched by his magnetic personality and his ability to make everyone in the audience feel like a friend.   Always impeccably dressed, Tom King thumped a solid and thunderous foundation of bass guitar and grooved cohesively with guitarist Ronnie Garvin and drummer John Price, augmented for 10 years by keyboardist Randy Holt who brought additional vocals, blues harp, and strong songwriting chops.  Ronnie and John have sadly since passed away, leaving Greg and Tom as the remaining original members of the band.

greg billings band

The Greg Billings Band profile raised considerably over these years focusing more on concert and festival event and less on nightclub appearances. The band has released 2 CDs through the years including a greatest hits compilation and have been joined in the studio with luminary guest musicians such as Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, and the late R&B bassist Donald “Duck” Dunn.  Their material also entered the digital age by becoming available on Itunes.

In early 2014 Ronnie Dee moved on to run his own band and Leroy Myers soon followed. Greg reached out to Mark Busto  and his old mate Kyle Ashley from the Damn the Torpedoes days to fill the slots as drummer and second guitarist respectively. The band’s material turned back to more of a rock edge with twin guitars, and additional classic Stranger material has been recently returned to the set list. 

The Band

Greg Billings: Lead vocals

Tom King: Bass guitar

George Harris: Guitar and vocals

Rob Stoney: Keyboards, vocals and harmonica

Mark Busto: Drums and vocals

Kyle Ashley: Guitar

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