Hessam Abrishami visits syd entel galleries in Safety Harbor

Hessam Abrishami Internationally Acclaimed Artist

Visits Syd Entel Galleries

Hessam Abrishami has diligently worked from his early years to gain the freedom and education necessary to make his life’s vision come true.  He has now been recognized and exhibited in over 100 One-Man Gallery Shows, over 25 International Exhibitions, and multiple Museum Exhibitions.  Hessam was recently presented with the “Key to the City” of Ormond Beach, Florida where his work is currently displayed in their Museum of Modern Art.  He currently owns Studio Fine Art, his art publishing company which has produced his most recent prints and published five books on the artist, his life, and his work.

Hessam Abrishami

Hessam Abrishami is still driven by the deeply felt values that he developed during his early days in Iran and Europe.  Hessam believes strongly in the goodness of people and this world, which is reflected in not only his art, but in his personal values.  Personally aware of the struggles encountered by emerging artists, Hessam has always been willing to help new artists develop their careers.  When confronted with injustice, Hessam has created artistic statements that defy oppression, a lesser known body of work in his oeuvre.  These principles compelled him to travel to another country in order to more freely express himself and to spread his beliefs through his artwork.

When asked if it is difficult to see a favorite painting leave in the arms of a collector, possibly never to be seen again, Hessam has said, “No, I have enjoyed making it and now I want it to bring happiness to someone else.”  He goes on to express that the artwork does not belong solely to the artist, but in fact, it belongs to the people.  Hessam’s art is his way of helping to make the world a free and joyful place.  Hessam’s approach to art is intuitive and free by nature, yet disciplined by his strong foundation in artistic fundamentals. 

The honors which have so graciously been bestowed upon Hessam are viewed by him as a validation of his beliefs that we should bring joy into others’ lives, treating them with respect and dignity.

Syd Entel Galleries in Safety Harbor, FL presents internationally acclaimed artist Hessam Abrishami for one night only.  Meet the Artist Reception will be held on Saturday February 8 from 5-8PM and the show will continue through March 7th 2020.

Syd Entel Galleries / Susan Benjamin Glass Etc. is located at 247 Main Street, Safety Harbor, FL  34695. The show is on display February 8, 2020 – March 7, 2020. For more information call 727-725-1808. Gallery Hours:  Tues – Fri 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   Sat 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

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