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Hormonal Balance, Key to Optimal Health

Hormones can make a difference in virtually every aspect of a person’s life—overall appearance, sex drive, weight gain or loss.

Hormones are powerful, and no one knows this better than Gina Pastore, ARNP-C, MSN, ABAAHP. Pastore support clients at Skinspirations Center for Cosmetic Enhancement in Clearwater through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) or hormonal optimization, as well as medically managed weight loss programs, detoxification and nutritional consulting. Its purpose is to help, helping them work toward achieving greater hormonal balance and ultimately, achieve optimal health.

Pastore says that clients often do not realize the various processes being impacted by their hormones. Those hormones serve as the body’s own chemical messengers by traveling throughout the bloodstream to key tissues and organs functionality, reproduction and mood.

But before she can begin tackling any hormonal imbalance issues which exist, she recommends to clients that the body undergo a clearing of any impurities which could be impeding important processes.

“Everybody can benefit from a detoxification,” says Pastore. “People will come in and tell me ‘well, I eat organic or I take vitamins and supplements, so I don’t think I need a detox.’ I spend a lot of time educating the patients. My answer to them is even if you’re eating all-organic, the soil isn’t what it used to be 50 years ago, so there’s still a need for micronutrients, macronutrients and important minerals.”

Clients can visit Skinspirations and work with Pastore to develop and implement individualized plans to achieve more balanced hormonal levels by integrating proper nutrition and daily exercise to combat the ravages of aging, weight gain and other challenges a client may be facing. Even a small change can make a significant difference in the way a client looks and feels, says the hormone replacement expert, and that change will support efforts for hormonal optimization and age rejuvenation.

When she first works with new client, Pastore requests blood work to assess patients’ current chemistry. She then meets with them to discuss the findings and share an individualized treatment plan comprised of dietary recommendations, fitness guidelines and prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements.

Pastore points out that many adults may be living with depleted or imbalanced hormones and not even be aware that this is the cause of symptoms likes fatigue, weight gain or acne, with much of it brought on by factors such as stress, the aging process and toxins in the environment.

She urges people to come see her before their body “screams with symptoms of hormonal imbalance.” By tackling those hormonal issues earlier, important glands such as the thyroid gland can be impacted which may be key to achieving their health goals, whether that client is 32 or 52, male or female.

“Hormonal optimization is for both sexes, men and women. We’re not just treating women. And after age 30, both men and women start declining in hormonal production. Men start to lose testosterone at a rate of 1 to 3 percent per year after the age of 30,” she says. “If someone comes in for weight loss and we don’t balance the thyroid first, the weight’s not going anywhere. So bioidentical hormonal replacement is not for the 50-year-old woman that’s menopausal, which is usually the stereotype. This is something that anyone over age 30 can benefit from.”

For more information about hormone optimization and detoxification services available at Skinspirations, visit the center at www.skinspirations-info.com or call 727-571-1923.

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