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House Calls for Kids Serving Tampa Bay


Expand to Manatee and Sarasota Counties


House Calls for Kids is a pediatric urgent care practice that started in Tampa Bay just as the Covid-19 pandemic began in December 2020. We gave families a new safer option throughout the pandemic, and we are still providing covid testing in the safety of families’ homes to this day. The trends of more in-home healthcare and concierge medicine are only growing. With telemedicine already being common practice, we are now excited to take that convenience to the next level by bringing back actual house calls for kids.


Our team of handpicked experienced local pediatricians and trained practitioners are bringing expertise and convenience to families across Tampa Bay. We are even serving tourists up and down the beaches with Hotel Calls which has become a wonderful resource for traveling families if their little one becomes injured or sick.


House Calls for Kids is becoming a more convenient and safer option to avoid packed waiting rooms, ERs, and urgent care offices. We also tend to help families out when in a difficult situation whether it be work/time commitments, spouse is out of town, juggling multiple siblings, primary doctor not available, long office waits, and so on. We are so proud to help families out in this way and now be able to serve Manatee & Sarasota counties!


You’re Invited! (Manatee & Sarasota Chambers) RIBBON CUTTING & EXPANSION ANNOUNCEMENT

When: June 30th (Thursday) 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Where: Sarasota Children’s Garden Children are welcome to enjoy the gardens and refreshments are provided ***RSVP to [email protected] by June 28


Why house calls?

house calls for kids serving Tampa BayHouse Calls for Kids Medical Director, Dr. Kimberly Mularoni M.D. answers:

“Many are saying some of the best things to come from Covid-19 pandemic are the advancements of telemedicine and home healthcare trends. For children and babies specifically, there are many limitations to telemedicine with the youngest ones not being able to verbalize symptoms. You just can’t replace the in-person exam with telemedicine for kids. We are so excited to be on the forefront of this healthcare revolution providing telemedicine for kids and now the next step of House Calls for Kids! —


The latest trends of home healthcare and concierge medicine are not just about convenience but more importantly… access to quality. Most traditional concierge medical practices require a large annual membership fee and have expensive service fees when you use them. This has traditionally been only accessible for VIP’s.”


How does it work?

House Calls for Kids Practice Manager & Founder, Jennifer Boyd, PA-C answers:

“Our practitioners treat all pediatric urgent care needs including but not limited to: Sore throat, ear pain, fever and cold symptoms, lacerations, minor injuries, stomach flu, rashes, insect bites, pink eye, foreign body removals, Flu, and strep testing available, and first dose of some medications. Prescriptions needed are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.”



  • All House Calls start with telemedicine visit first via website
  • Complete brief patient questionnaire, pay telemedicine call fee on website $75
  • You will be quickly reached by one of our practitioners for your initial telehealth call to consult via telemedicine and determine if a House Call is needed
  • If your child cannot be cared for by telemedicine alone then your House Call will proceed immediately after or at a time convenient for you later that day (House Call fee $200 will be charged)


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