How To Curve Your Ball

It is a dogleg left. Your drive is on the left side and you have 50 yards of dense trees until the fairway turns so you can shoot at the hole.

Should you pitch out and take your medicine? What if you could curve your golf ball? You could be within a short pitch of the hole or on the green if you could put some good ‘ole pool english on the ball.

Start by picking a line or a target where you would like the ball to end up. If it is the green, aim at the green. Place your clubface on this line. Then align your shoulders to where you would like the ball to start. Depending on how well you execute the shot. it is possible to boomerang the shot to hit yourself in the hind. Not really. But close.

Clubface to the ending target. Check. Body and shoulders on the line we wish to start the ball. Check. Now swing the club with moderate speed on the line of your body. The ball will start out where your club path was going as it hit the ball and the ball will end up where the club was aligned at impact.

You’ll be most successful with this shot using a less lofted club such as a five to seven iron depending on how low you want the shot’s trajectory to be.

This is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Try it. It works!

By Tony Simpson, PGA Golf Professional

Chi Chi Golf & Sports Complex

Destination magazine welcomes its newest contributor. Tony Simpson is a  PGA professional and teacher at the Chi Chi Golf & Sports Complex. Article Written for Destination Tampa Bay magazine.