iBOMS Solo Art Exhibition at D-Gallerie

Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man D-Gallerie

Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man D-Gallerie is pleased to announce iBOMS first solo exhibition at D-Gallerie: Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man. A solo exhibition on a young but seasoned art professional- iBOMS.

The presentation will highlight iBOMS’ latest work, in different mediums, as he walks us through the journey of what has been for him having to grow up without a father in his life. We will also learn about his journey of educating himself on how to be a better human being.

iBOMS St. Petersburg artist

iBOMS Artist Statement: For me, “Be Kind to Yourself Young Man” is a phrase I needed to hear more often growing up. I’ve noticed that I missed a lot of “life lessons” because my father was absent in my life. As such, my art reflects my journey into what it means to have to raise yourself to be more than a boy by using fragments of what it means to be a young man in my eyes. I have, in a sense, become a perpetual machine feeding myself with knowledge to replace all those life lessons that I’ve missed. Whether it is emotional or spiritual therapy, “Be Kind to Yourself Young Man” is a reminder that I, like all people, always deserve the best treatment. We all do, and, through my art, I must convey it in the only way I understand. Photo of Jabari Reed-Diop AKA iBOMS.

More about iBOMS:

Jabari Reed-Diop is what his mother calls him, but his artist’s name is iBOMS. iBOMS is a 21-year-old artist out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Throughout his artistic journey he has acquired many skills. He has been exposed to different mediums as well as various ways to visualize his ideas. iBOMS experience and skills stem from his education at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, located in Jacksonville, FL.

iBOMS has had a consistent determination to better his craft at such a young age. He has been inspired to create these thoughts to life. iBOMS work may seem like simple illustrations and graffiti, but each piece has a very unique story to tell. Some of self-love, destruction, and discovery. The purpose of iBOMS work is to catch and draw the viewer in to create that “awe” experience while exposing them to his world. iBOMS does this by painting and creating lively characters that at glance you may not think there was story behind it. But like in life everything wants to appear blissful but unbeknownst to everyone else a dark river runs beneath the surface. Learn the stories behind iBOMS artwork when attending the solo exhibition at D-Gallerie .

Samples of iBOMS Artwork:

Here are just a couple samples of iBOMS work at the D-Gallerie Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man D-Gallerie:

War on PHD (Public Housing District)

Artwork by iBOM to be in a solo exhibition at D-Gallerie.  Artwork War on PHD

War on PHD (Public Housing District) is a (48”x48”) in ready to hang wood panel) . This piece depicts Mr. Soda eagerly rushing through red tape symbolizing the systematic segregation of red lining. And him crossing it is symbolic of the rush of crack into the black community. Priced at $1,600.00

Industry Chimes

Artwork by iBOM to be in a solo exhibition at D-Gallerie. Industry Chimes is the artwork displayed.

Industry Chimes is a (36”x48”) in ready to hang wood panel). How long will we stay in this cyclical trap repeatedly meeting our fates all around us. Priced at $1500.00

Featured image above is of Rotten Psyche (cropped to fit horizontal space).

More on D-Gallerie:

Sample photo of an exhibition at D-Gallerie

They are a third-generation family-owned art gallery in downtown St. Petersburg with roots in South America; we aim to help emerging and established artists showcase their works and experience to a broader audience.

 D-Gallerie curates a showcase that serves, serious and aspiring art collectors, by providing exclusive products to the traditional art market. D-Gallerie provides a unique atmosphere where art lovers can participate in the appreciation and collection of original art from artists from around the world. 

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 D-Gallerie is always on the look for talented artists around the world to bring you, our clients, the most inspiring pieces of art in the world. 

Content provided by D-Gallerie and iBOMS. All photos of artwork are for editorial use only. All rights reserved.

iBOM Exhibition Info at D-Gallerie:

Event: iBOMS Solo Exhibition at D-Gallerie: Be Kind to Yourself, Young Man.

Event Page: https://www.d-gallerie.com/event-details/ib-o-m-s-solo-exhibition-be-kind-to-yourself-young-man
Exhibition Opening: Friday June 18th 2021, 7:00 pm – 10:00 p.m.

Location: D-Gallerie 1234 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N. Unit C | St. Petersburg, FL. | 33705

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