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Florida is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic places in the country. It is also home to some major international commerce hubs like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. On top of that, it is both a retirement and vacation destination. There’s much to be gained from relocating to Florida, but it’s still a good idea to ensure that you have a job waiting for you before you get there, as the cost of living could get a bit steep. Luckily, Florida has no state income tax, which means that you will get to utilize more of your income. This makes landing a lucrative job even more fulfilling and important.

Nurse Practitioner Career Surge

Nursing Careers are readliy available in tampa for a great career when relocating

For those interested in relocating to Florida, there is a surge of demand for nurses amidst the pandemic. It is opened more opportunities (hospitals, care homes, home settings, spas, and private clinics) for aspiring practitioners. For one, geriatric nursing could be a very good track to consider since Florida is famous for its retirement communities. Another high-paying job is being an anesthetic nurse; it entails administering anesthesia and assisting anesthesiologists, surgeons, or dentists.

Before specializing in any given track, however, one must first secure a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This requires clinical experience on top of classroom education. For nurses already practicing and looking for a career change, taking an online RN to BSN program will help them upskill and prepare for specialty nursing positions. And since these programs are taught completely online, it is a perfect opportunity for practitioners to pursue further education while continuing to work. To join the workforce as an RN or a specialized nurse, you must also obtain the proper licenses.

Marketing Manager Opportunity

Getting Ready to Relocating to Florida?  Check out these job and career opportunities in Destination Tampa Bay

We talked about how Florida is an ideal place to create a startup business in our previous post when considering relocating to Florida. That said, there’s tough competition in the area. There is a need for marketing managers to help business owners strategize and oversee consumer trends to help businesses stand out from the rest.

While it is ideal for a marketing manager to acquire a business or marketing degree, you could also look at short courses and certification programs. Modern marketing is rapidly changing— look at the advances in digital marketing, events marketing, PR marketing, and 360 marketing —and you need to always stay on top of any and every advancement. Staying relevant and up to date is essential for marketing professionals looking to start their career in Florida.

Business Analyst Consultant

Florida is fast becoming one of the country’s leading tech hotspots for great job opportunities

Florida is fast becoming one of the country’s leading tech hotspots. The demand for professionals who can process and work with data proficiently is at an all-time high. With the necessary pivots’ businesses have had to make throughout the pandemic, business analysts have become necessary to help steer brands to safety and success.

Fortunately, this comes at a time when there are more avenues for people to learn how to do the job online. This has made earning an online business administration degree a more viable and accessible option for individuals vying for business analyst positions. Graduates of these programs are not just trained to gather and crunch data, but they are also skilled in drawing insights from those to help make sound business decisions. Plus, since more and more Florida businesses, particularly in tech, are experimenting with hybrid working arrangements, familiarity with online communications and processes may put workers with online degrees at a greater advantage.

Transportation and Distribution Manager

Many careers and jobs are becoming available in Florida.  One of the many job opportunities is in transportation.

Due to the rise of eCommerce, several businesses have thrived on online sales. Trucking and logistics companies in Florida are scrambling to find professionals that can ensure that their products are transported in the fastest, most cost-effective way. This is why transportation and distribution manager jobs are projected to have a 6.7% growth rate by 2026.

According to Florida Today, this is one of the most financially rewarding careers you can go into even without a college degree. Of course, that does not mean that anyone could just go and do this job. It requires strong leadership, planning, and organizational skills to pull off.

Starting out a new career in Florida is an exciting prospect, so find a job that is also as great and as worthwhile! For more career opportunities check out the Tampa Bay Job Fair Here. Also look at moving to Tampa -find everything you need to know here.

Content written by Alyanna R. for Destination Tampa Bay™. Stock photos used are for editorial purposes only from multiple sources. Feature image by Keir Magoulas represented by Visit Tampa Bay.

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