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Florida Fish and Wildlife

Keep Fishing America! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is considering how best to manage an important fish spawning area near Western Dry Rocks and is asking for your input. 

Ten miles southwest of Key West, the Western Dry Rocks area hosts multiple spawning schools of recreationally important species such as permit, snapper and grouper. It is also directly adjacent to unique currents that enhance spawning success by distributing eggs and juvenile fish throughout south Florida, ensuring sustainable recreational fisheries. 

Keep Fishing America

After much discussion, FWC is currently considering a seasonal closure of one square mile to protect this special area. The initial proposal included a two-month closure for May and June. However, multiple fishing and conservation groups agree that the science strongly supports protecting this important area for a longer amount of time.

Therefore, we are asking fisheries managers to close the area during the four-month peak spawning season (April-July) to give maximum benefits to the multiple fisheries while still allowing fishing access during the rest of the year.

Tell the FWC that you agree the Western Dry Rocks need protection and that you support the four-month plan.

What You Can Do to Help Keep Fishing America:

The FWC is holding a workshop on January 21, 2021 at 2 PM to get input from conservation-minded anglers like you. To attend, click this link at the specified date and time and let the FWC know that you support the four-month plan.  If you can’t attend the workshop, you can view a recorded version of the workshop presentation here and then submit a comment to the FWC. For a special Ladies tournament in Tampa Bay look here.

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