The Tampa Bay Lightning and AMALIE Arena have partnered with international RF lens manufacturer MatSing to enhance the overall guest experience at the building by deploying a new wireless connectivity technology designed to provide the best radio frequency signal control in the industry and provide enhanced cell coverage to even the most difficult areas. AMALIE Arena is the first building of its kind to install this new wireless connectivity solution.

The MatSing technology improves AMALIE Arena guests’ cellular connection, reducing interference and providing faster outputs, all while utilizing fewer antennas. Well-poised for data capacity and the imminent roll-out of 5G, AMALIE Arena is now a technology leader among sports and entertainment venues across the country and around the globe.

“Providing robust wireless connectivity at AMALIE Arena is critical for delivering a World Class-Plus experience for our guests,” Lightning senior vice president of technology and innovation Andrew McIntyre said. “We could not be happier with the decision to deploy the MatSing RF Lens antennas.  The performance we have experienced from the carriers leveraging the antennas has been outstanding.” 

“We are very excited to have partnered with Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment.  AMALIE Arena is now the world’s first full RF lens antenna venue, utilizing the newest telecommunications equipment.  Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment has always been focused on having the most innovative technology available in its venues.  This shared vision of pushing the technology envelope made our partnership a perfect alliance.  As a result AMALIE Arena is at the forefront of innovation, making the venue well equipped for the ultimate fan and user experience,” said Michael Matytsine, executive vice president at MatSing

About MatSing, Inc.

MatSing is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance and high-capacity RF lens antennas. Founded in 2005, MatSing develops patented metamaterials and techniques to create the world’s first large, light weight multi-beam RF lenses, redefining the state of the art for antennas in the telecommunications industry.  Their innovations have created record-breaking data capacity deployments at sites around the globe.

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