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Live On Mars

A David Bowie Tribute

When David Bowie suddenly and shockingly passed away in 2016, a huge void was left in the world of music. For more than four decades, the grand old dame of rock had been the soundtrack to our lives with a vibrant, innovative and often astonishing body of work that constantly confounded expectations and kicked at the confines of what we knew as pop music.

The folk rock of Hunky Dory, the glam rock thrashing of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars, the plastic soul of Young Americans, the obtuse electronic musings of Low and the new romantic stylings of Scary Monsters(and Super Creeps); Bowie’s albums stretched genres and defined eras.

His legacy will never fade but after his untimely passing many thought we would never hear the songs performed live on stage again. But now, thanks to Bowie’s long-time collaborator Mike Garson, the songs have been given a fresh lease of life as a touring collective of Bowie alumni. Many who played on the actual records and toured with the Starman are paying tribute to the chameleon of pop.

Live on Mars a David Bowie Tribute
A David Bowie Tribute

Now to Celebrate his legend following its hugely successful 2018 UK tour, Live On Mars comes to Clearwater to celebrate music legend David Bowie; his music, artistry, style and showmanship. From the producers that brought you Brit Floyd – The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show, comes a new production influenced by Bowie’s legendary concert performances.

Live On Mars fuses sound and vision to portray the essence of Bowie, his alter egos and creative muses, with a light show and state of the art visuals and animation. Featuring the electrifying vocals and uncanny likeness of singer and lifelong Bowie fan Alex Thomas, along with his hand-picked world-class band, they cover the Bowie back-catalogue from “Space Oddity” to “Let’s Dance” and everything in between.

Live On Mars is the definitive show that all generations of Bowie fans have been waiting for!Save the date for a special celebration of the music and artistry of the legendary David Bowie onstage at Clearwater’s Capitol Theatre. Soak up uncanny visuals and electrifying vocals covering everything from “Space Oddity” to “Let’s Dance.”

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David Bowie died in January 2016 (Featured Photo (top) by Jo Hale/Getty Images) Source: Getty Images