Tarpon Springs Cultural Center

Love, Lies and The Doctor’s Dilemma

Tarpon Springs Cultural Center

Did you know that the Tarpon Springs Cultural Center was originally the city’s first City Hall? Built in 1915, The Cultural Center, located at 101 South Pinellas Avenue, served for over 70 years in that function until 1987 when local government officials decided to relocate the City’s offices to what was formerly Tarpon Springs High School, leaving the building available to repurpose and transform it into an art venue for the community.

The Cultural Center is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, the Cultural Center itself is being renovated but its theater continues to offer performances for the remainder of its production schedule. This weekend, theater lovers can catch its current play Love, Lies and the Doctor’s Dilemma, a comedy about the complications of love and the length one little white lie can travel. The show wraps up this weekend with performances scheduled 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights with a 2:00 p.m. matinee available Sunday afternoon.

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Love, Lies and the Doctor's Dilemma

Joan Scheller lives with the great love of her life, Sandy. In an effort to hide their relationship from her overbearing sister-in-law, the former movie star Olivia St. Claire, she introduces him as her psychiatrist. One little white lie leads to another. Before long, Vinny the Enforcer, a quintessential Italian mobster, masquerades as her security guard, while her son, Chris, is forced to wear a dress and become her daughter Christina. Further complications occur when her new neighbor, Racha amazon.com