Majesty of Rock
Majesty of Rock

Majesty of Rock: A Journey/Styx Tribute

Sing along with the Majesty of Rock: A Journey/Styx Tribute to your favorite 70s and 80s classics from two bands’ catalogues that filled up the Billboard charts. Meet up with a talented group of Florida musicians who recreate the sound and feel of supergroups Journey and Styx. Majesty of the Rock will be held at the Central Park Performing Arts Center, Largo on Friday, October 11 at 8 p.m.

Majesty of Rock is a mega talented group of south Florida musicians who banded together to faithfully re-create the sound and feel of the two super groups: Journey and Styx. Fronted by the masterful voice of John D’Agostino, this band also boasts the talents of four exceptional artists who not only capture every nuance of Journey in their iconic Steve Perry days, but also the vocal essence of Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw of Styx.

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