Have you ever wondered what makes a good film great? Would you like to know more about screenwriting, directing, or cinematography? Now’s your chance to learn from a professional. As a bonus, you will help create a short film that will be screened at the internationally recognized Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Pete! Over the span of four short weeks, students enrolled in the Sunscreen Film Festival course will learn every aspect of filmmaking, from screenwriting to production. The classes are geared toward working adults, but anyone over the age of 16 who wants to learn filmmaking—or how to make better films, if they already have some experience—is invited to enroll.

Meet Chick Making Flicks Power Brunch

Meet Panelist: Actress/Director, Chelsea Alden

This year’s Chicks Making Flicks Power Brunch panel features a fun, energetic group of guest speakers from the film industry ready to discuss and answer questions about empowering and educating women in the field. One participating panelist is Chelsea Alden who stars in one of the Sunscreen Film Festival’s featured films ROSE’ ALL DAY.

Woman film maker, director and actress Chelsea Alden

Chelsea Alden is an actress most known for recurring roles in the final season of Showtime’s “Shameless” and the Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why, and has also appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “NCIS,” “Good Girls,” “9-1-1,” and “The Good Doctor.” She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the Indiana Film Journalist Association for her work in the indie drama DISFLUENCY which continues to make festival rounds and won Best Narrative Feature jury prize at the Austin Film Festival and Oxford Film Festival.

ROSE’ ALL DAY centers on a group of college friends who gather annually for a pool party and wine-soaked conversation which ultimately reveals the cracks in their own relationships. She describes the film as a wild and fun girl’s comedy and a great opportunity to get together with your best girlfriends. “As we all know, endless day drinking always brings out the best in people,” she jokes. “When I read the script by the wonderful Katie Amanda Keane, I legitimately laughed out loud. I knew if it was getting me to laugh just on the page, it could be something really entertaining.” Her ROSE’ co-stars Alice Hunter, Avery Norris, Cameron Kelly, Corey Moss, and Veronica Dunne will be joining her as members of this year’s Chicks Making Flicks Power Brunch panel as well as actress Kestrin Pantera (PRETTY PROBLEMS).

Rose All Day Opening film for the chicks making flicks and the suncreen film festival
panel of chicks making flicks for power brunch

In 2018, Alden starred in and produced the short film THE HUMAN PROJECT, on that year’s Sunscreen film schedule, but she could not attend, so she is especially excited to be attending the 2022 Sunscreen festival to represent ROSE’ ALL DAY. “I’m most looking forward to chatting with the filmmakers and other attendees,” she says. “Making movies can be such an uphill battle. You really gotta love it to do it, so it’s always enjoyable to talk with other creatives about what gives them the passion and the motivation to make the films that they did.”

She has not attended the power brunch before but knows as someone who has dedicated so much of her life to her craft, working professionally as an actor since a child doing commercial work, she has a unique perspective to bring to the dialogue. “Women are making waves every day in Hollywood, and in this industry. We have a voice, we have a specific point of view, and stories to tell! I’m excited to be a part of that conversation and hear the journey of all of these amazing women,” says Alden.

Chicks make flicks are particpating in this year's Sunscreen Film Festival

She is currently wrapping up her first directorial project, a short film NEXT, and hopes that she’ll be returning to Sunscreen next year to share it. Alden has some advice to offer first-time film festival goers: give yourself a good game plan. “My best advice would be to go over the schedule and pick a few things that really inspire you or interest you, and go to those,” she says. “Make sure you leave time to meet people and have conversations…and have fun!”

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