Relocating to Tampa

Moving To Tampa? Everything You Need To Know

Considering moving to Tampa? Tampa is a favorite living destination for many individuals because of its vibrancy and rich Cuban heritage. It is a highly populated city with a population of over 300,000 people. If you like fast-moving cities, Tampa is the perfect destination for you. However, when moving to a new location, you must have all the relevant information to prepare you for relocation. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to get settled in your new destination. Here are some guiding tips to help you if you are moving to Tampa.

Tampa Housing Facilities

Relocating in Tampa Housing Options

It is probably the most crucial part of any relocation guide. If you are moving to Tampa, you must be prepared to find a place to live. Depending on your tastes, preferences, and budget Tampa has a wide range of housing options for you. On the downtown side of Tampa, a one-bedroom house is likely to cost you between $1200 to $1800 while a two-bedroom can cost between $2000 to $2800.

Prices in upper Tampa are cheaper, and if you are operating on a tight budget, you can choose to live in Brandon or Carrollwood areas in Tampa. However, price is not the only thing you consider when choosing a place to live in Tampa. By all means, choose a location that is close to your job. It will help you avoid all the traffic that comes with the beautiful city of Tampa.

Tampa Transport Facilities

When moving to a new destination, you must be well prepared to deal with a different transport system from what you are used to. As for Tampa, you will have to deal with the crazy traffic in one way or another. Traffic is always an issue because the city is highly populated. However, if you still like using your car to go to work, there are toll roads that you can pay for through a prepaid toll account, and this will help you avoid traffic and get to work very fast.

historic ybor city to enjoy when relocating to Tampa

If you prefer using public means of travel, there are public means available for you in Tampa. Downtown Tampa is easily accessible through public means like the Trolley, TECO line streetcars, a bus, or take a taxi. With Tampa being ranked as the 15th most congested city in the state, you must avoid traffic by all means to make it easy for you to commute to work. Alternatively, you can choose to walk or ride a bike to work, especially if you do not live too far from the office. (Ybor City- RIGHT)

When it comes to transport means in Tampa, it is fair to state that you will most likely need a car. With only a walk score of 49 and a bike score of 53, it is easier to use a car. Moreover, public transport does not access every time of Tampa. Safety can also be a major concern in some parts of town at night, mainly if you are relying solely on public transport. For more information on transportation in Tampa check out this article on the Five Tips for Driving here.

Destination Tampa Bay Weather

Relocate to Tampa and Keep Pinellas Beautiful

The weather in Tampa gets too hot sometimes, especially in summer. What this means for you is that you must look for a house with central AC. This means that you must include sufficient money in your budget for power bills. The power bill is likely to be higher than in many other cities because you will need a washer for your laundry.

There are many Laundromats in Tampa, but they are always congested because of the city’s high population. In fact, they are usually so crowded that you can spend half the day in the long queues. There is no space for you also to walk with your cat to the Laundromat.

Entertainment Facilities in Tampa Bay

Leisure activities are necessary for any individual because they help you relax after a long day of hard work. Luckily, if you are planning to move to Tampa, you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with boredom. There is so much going on in the city as far as entertainment is concerned. Tampa has many indoor and outdoor entertainment opportunities, and all you have to do is choose your favorite leisure activities.

ZooTampa at Lowry Park Zoo featuring Creatures of the Night

During your free time, you can choose to spend your day in the thrilling Bush Gardens riding one of America’s tallest standing dive coasters if you enjoy outdoor activities. You can also visit the zoo and go for an African Safari at the Lowry Park Zoo (RIGHT), where you will enjoy seeing many wild animals. Alternatively, you can visit the aquarium and get to see sharks. If you want to have an iconic experience at the aquarium, you can go swimming with sharks.

Relocating to Tampa enjoy Clearwater Beach

Tampa also accommodates beach lovers because it has one of the top-ranked beaches in the country. You can go for a paddle ride in the Gulf of Mexico to get away from the summer heat. Swimming at the beach is fun and safe too, especially if you enjoy swimming in big waters. The best part is all these activities will not cost you a lot of money.

relocating to tampa brings great fun

If you prefer indoor activities, you can enjoy numerous comedy clubs and drag shows in the city. Tampa is known as the fun city for a reason.  There are also many lounges you can visit and sip your cocktail if you want to spend your leisure time laid back. Beer lovers will also enjoy the many breweries in Tampa. In short, Tampa knows how to have fun.

Final Verdict on Moving to Tampa

There is so much to love about Tampa. You can comfortably live and work in Tampa. There are good job opportunities, good schools, and hospitals. These are some of the few reasons you might want to relocate to Tampa. If you decide to relocate, you are guaranteed to enjoy every day in the city! For more fun things to do check out the Light it up Clearwater here.

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