Nina Bandoni joins The Fierce 50 Campaign

To Honor Accomplished Women Over 50 Nationwide

Nina Bandoni, former Safety Harbor commissioner and president of Community Development Concepts, a consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and capacity building of non-profits, has recently joined a nationwide group of over-50 bloggers who have joined forces to create an annual movement called The Fierce 50 Campaign. The campaign launched on the 50th day of the year, Feb. 17, 2017, in participation with 50 female bloggers.

The Fierce 50 Campaign gives accomplished women over 50 and opportunity to celebrate and honor one another at midlife and beyond. The campaign’s main focus is to show that 50 is a time of new beginnings and creation.

As one of the participating bloggers, Bandoni will be paired with another blogger form across the United States to create an inspirational post of her own respective blog. She runs the lifestyle brand called Sharing A Journey, which includes a blog by the same name as well as a Youtube channel featuring beauty, fashion and lifestyle information for women over 40.

Nina Bandoni joined #The Fierce 50 campaign on February 1. For further information, contact her at [email protected].

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