Belize Family Helped By NoKumbaya

Duncan McClellan Gallery Gives To Medical Mission “NoKumbaya”

On Saturday evening, August 12, from 5-9:30pm, the Duncan McClellan Gallery will host its monthly art walk celebration, with free glassblowing demonstrations, live jazz, a gourmet food truck and cash bar.  Proceeds from this month’s beverage sales and donations will help fund “NoKumbaya”, a local, non profit charitable organization whose members believe that they can serve humanity by working for the benefit of others, not “just” singing around a campfire.Nokumbaya-Belize

It’s medical mission volunteers serve in many capacities during their annual trips abroad, setting up free clinics which administer a wide range of health care and screenings to remote populations.  Duncan and Irene McClellan  have supported NoKumbaya for the past four years, and in the summer of 2016 were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor as well as volunteer on a medical mission to a remote village in Belize.

Duncan McClellan recounts that the trip was “eye opening” regarding the lack of resources and materials available to meet the daily basic needs of the native population.  During that mission, while the volunteer Doctors and Nurses gave full check ups, (including eye exams, pre-natal care, worming and screening for diseases), Duncan and Irene designed and facilitated an art project with the town’s children which distracted them while worming medicine took effect.  In addition to medical care, the group dispenses a year’s worth of vitamins to each village they visit, in the belief that basic health fosters children’s ability to learn and grow successfully.

NoKumbaya has been able to run missions to some of the most remote areas of the world. These include Salem, India; a village deep in the Amazon, and our current focus, Belize.  In southern Belize they visit local schools twice a year and annually run a full medical clinic in Red Bank, a small Mayan village deep in the Belizian jungle.  Every penny raised goes to buying medications and providing medical care to the people visiting the clinics. It is sobering to consider that amounts often spent for routine items in the US can provide the following:

$22 provides a daily vitamin to 100 children for 10 days

$27 provides 16 lice treatments

$50 treats 500 children for intestinal parasites

$53 treats 250 adults for scabies

Nokumbaya works because everyone with a heart to help is welcome to participate and heartfully welcomed by those we serve. In short, it’s fun!” says NoKumbaya accountant Danell Deberg.  Nokumbaya, Limited is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. All contributions are tax deductible for state and federal taxes.  For further information, go to

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