Of Metal and Glass


Bladon by Lisa Schuster to be on display in the " Of Metal and Glass" exhibit at Syd Entel Galleries

Bladon by Lisa Schuster to be on display in the ” Of Metal and Glass” exhibit


Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass etc. is excited to bring an exciting show that combines the creative work of  amazing artist displaying their use of paint, glass and metal. The event is open to the public.  The Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass etc. is one of the finest galleries in all of Tampa Bay.  They are known for featuring top artist from around the world like Peter Max and Dr Suess.  This particular show Of Metal and Glass will feature a new artist to the gallery: Lisa Schuster The opening reception for Of Metal and Glass will be held on Saturday October 13, 2018 6-8 p.m. The exhibit will continue through November 17th, 2018.  Lisa Schuster collection will feature several different genres, including her award- winning florals and abstracts on metal. The show will also include the glass and metal work of Andrew Madvin, Caleb Nichols and Patty Roberts.  Born in 1962 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lisa is one of the leading floral abstract artists in the Midwestern and Southern United States. Lisa is a self-taught artist who mastered her craft while leading her family’s art publishing business.  Her art publishing business incorporated a wide variety of media and textures leading Lisa to her specialty of floral abstract oil paint works on metal, which is now her signature style.

“Although I got a late start, I must admit I have easily gotten my 10,000 hours in! And through these many quiet hours with my canvases I have come to identify my very favorite part. It is not the provocative scents of turpentine and oil paint. It is not the shows, the awards or even the sales (as heartily gratifying as they all are!). It is those precious moments of pure Inspiration, when an idea bursts through the din of mind-chatter and takes over, promising a venue of fresh expression and unique creation. It is what keeps me up at night and pops me out of bed in the morning. It is the magical reminder of how alive I am and how grateful I am to be able to express it with the tools of my trade.”

The glass artist included in this exhibition is Patty Roberts (artwork featured above). She uses the kiln formed technique of Pate de Verre with metal inclusions. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. The glass has a primitive look but a soft, luminous quality, while being opaque and highly textured.

Caleb Nichols works on display for the exhibit Of Metal and Glass at Syd Entel Galleries

Caleb Nichols “smashing” works on display

Caleb Nichols has 20 years in glass making. He has mastered the techniques of blowing, casting, annealing and fusing.  He his own technique he calls “smashing” leaves him with chunks of glass that become fog, froth, foam, waves, beach stones and boulders to form his 30” rough, dynamic sculptures.

Andrew Madvin displays a combination of glass and metal as shown here at the of metal and glass exhibit at Syd Entel galleries

Andrew Madvin displays a combination of glass and metal as shown here.

Andrew Madvin combines glass and metal in his wallflower sculpture series.  Born near Detroit, Andrew Madvin grew up curious with the freedom to explore the outdoors, quickly becoming interested in the natural world around him.  He uses bold colors for his organic shaped flowers. This provides a beautiful contrast to the black metal that make up the stems. Andrew’s designs are very modern, and their size and composition evoke a sense of valor and free spirit. His installations are used on walls in residential and commercial environments and used indoors and out.

For more information on this exhibit at Syd Entel Galleries and Susan Benjamin Glass etc., please call Linda at 727-725-1808 or email her at Linda@sydentelgalleries.com.  The Syd Entel Galleries / Susan Benjamin Glass Etc. is located at  247 Main Street, Safety Harbor, Florida.  Feel free to visit them Mon – Fri 9:30 – 5:00   Sat 10- 3.  You can also check their gallery out online at www.sydentelgalleries.com.


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