Opera Therapy: The Final Meltdown

In keeping with this season’s theme, Why Can’t You Behave, Maestro Sforzini has something wickedly delightful up his sleeve for this week’s edition of the Maestro Series. Featuring performances from soprano Cassandra Black, tenor Peter Scott Drackley and mezzo soprano Sarah Nordin, he’ll present Opera Therapy IV: The Final Meltdown. “The Final Meltdown refers to characters who are either going mad – or dying!” the Maestro gleefully explains.

The program will include extra-dramatic musical highlights from Bellini’s Norma, Bizet’s Carmen and Puccini’s Tosca, none of which end particularly … happily, along with Maestro’s extraordinarily insightful and witty commentary on the operas, and the composers, and why sometimes even the most inspirational stories must end with one final meltdown.


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