Please Touch the Art

Please Touch the Art

A Collective Showing of Jewelry, Painting and Glass

Please, Touch the Art…A Collective Showing of Jewelry, Painting and Glass promises to engage the audience. This show is curated with the intention to engage your tactile curiosity. We invite you to get engaged with your surroundings and feel the art and beauty in the space. “Please, Touch the Art” is a collective of artists in all mediums: Jewelry, Painting and Glass.

It’s no secret that in the art gallery world we are often expected to view with our eyes only. Susan Benjamin invites you to take your hands out of your pockets and Please Touch the Art.

Lonni Hopkins

Please Touch the Art

Lonni Hopkins our featured Tampa jewelry artist is familiar with the importance of texture. Her beautiful, industrial jewelry is handcrafted sterling silver, and begs to be worn. Each piece is one of a kind and a piece of art to be treasured.

Maya Eventov

Please Touch the Art

Russian painter Maya Eventov offers paintings that seem more like sculptures on canvas. Her use of th16e pallet knife allows her to build, shape and carve her subjects to life.

Andrew Madvin

Please Touch the Art

Andrew Madvin of Axiom Glass lends his strong and experienced aesthetic as our featured glass artists. His series of thorn vessels and bowls are breathtakingly solid with a delicate curvature, pushing the modern edge. The show also features his mixed media sculpture of glass and wood, which is engaging with its contrast of texture.

Join Syd Entel Galleries to see the unique variety of artwork. While the even to meet Tampa Jewelry Artist Lonnie Hopkins was on October 4th, they have plenty of art to look, touch and admire!

Syd Entel Galleries is located 247 Main St, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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