Port Tampa Bay unveils comprehensive master plan through 2030

At the site of a brand new, multi-purpose cargo berth, Port Tampa Bay and its consultants today unveiled the port’s master plan “Vision 2030,” which outlines the port’s comprehensive, business-focused development plans that will carry the port forward for decades.

Port Tampa Bay periodically reviews and updates its short- and long-range plans for growth and business development, in order to keep in step with the economy and forecasts that cover an array of factors that impact the port’s diverse business lines, which include cargo, cruise and real estate activities. Highly collaborative and informative, the master plan provides and evolving road map that underscores opportunities and challenges in building and maintaining a thriving, world-class seaport.

Recently, the port announced the results of a new economic impact study, which shows the port’s annual economic contribution of $17.2 billion to the regional economy. Additionally, the port now supports about 85,000 direct and indirect jobs. The port has traditionally been one of the largest economic engines in West and Central Florida, and indications are clear that this will continue well into the future.

“As the largest economic engine of the region, we understand our role and responsibility to the community. Our master plan is the blueprint for the future and growth of Port Tampa Bay and for our partners,” Paul Anderson, port president and CEO, said. “As we move forward in implementing the plans to grow our infrastructure, we will continue to be collaborative and thoughtful in building this port to its highest potential. We will also strive to be a great return on investment by fostering an environment that creates jobs and provides positive and lasting economic impact for generations to come.”


Images: Renderings of various scenes showing significant development and capital projects at Port Tampa Bay.



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