Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts
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Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts


Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts. If you ask Skinspirations founder Dr. Cynthia Elliott what she’s most proud of regarding her Clearwater-based cosmetic medicine and professional skin care practice, her answer arrives swiftly: trust.

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

“We have so many clients who have been coming back to us for years because they trust us. They tell us they appreciate that we’re honest and aren’t just trying to sell them something,” she says. “Even people who don’t do anything will come back to us years later, because they appreciated the honesty and accurate information we gave them during their last visit. They return, because they trust us.”

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts the team

Dr. Elliott quips she’s been told she’s the worst salesperson in the world. But the comment speaks volumes about the importance the business owner and her team place on engaging with current and potential future clients with integrity and honesty. With a knowledgeable and experienced team of advanced cosmetic and laser practitioners, licensed estheticians, patient coordinators and medical assistants, Dr. Elliott and her team at Skinspirations put the focus on listening to their patients’ concerns, offering sound options and helping their patients achieve the results they desire. That is why Skinspirations is the leading Cosmetic Skin Care Experts.


Dr. Cynthia Elliott & The Story Behind Skinspirations:

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

For nearly 30 years, Cynthia Elliott, M.D., has served the Tampa Bay area as a medical provider. Previously a Board-certified emergency medicine trained specialist for 15 years, she found herself seeking a new direction in care, inspired by her observations of a growing field that appeared to spark both enthusiasm and dynamism at her dermatologist’s office: cosmetic medicine. Her interest in the procedures as well as the development of laser technology in this field of medicine truly taking off during that time prompted her to team up with the dermatologist.

Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts

For two years she spent her days off from the hospital working with the dermatologist to develop her cosmetic and laser procedural skills with aspirations to build her own cosmetic medicine practice. Her dermatologist associate retired, and Dr Elliott chose to go into business for herself, launching Skinspirations in 2005.

Skinspirations Store: Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

Dr. Elliott has since expanded her venture into an affiliated practitioner training company, as well, known as ExpertEsthetics, in an effort to help contribute to the successful rollout of techniques to other practitioners for promoting a high standard of service and procedural quality in the industry. She continues to serve as a national speaker and trainer for various international companies including Allergan (maker of Botox and Juvederm). Skinspirations teaches cosmetic skin care to experts.

Skinspirations professional skin care

It has been a fascinating evolution to witness the changes in her industry firsthand according to Dr. Elliott, not only due to advancements in technology and treatments but social and cultural changes that have impacted the field of cosmetic medicine and the desired results clients communicate they want. “When we first started, most of the cosmetic medicine treatments were simple repair treatments like Botox and the smoothing of wrinkles, but over time, there’s been more interest from people of different ages with continuing skin care as facials have grown in popularity and young people have become more proactive with skin care,” says Dr. Elliott, though she notes, this may be secondary to the influence of what she calls the selfie revolution.


“It’s not uncommon for people to come in with a photo of themselves with a filter and say, ‘I want to look like that.’ And after the work is done, you will see them take a photo of themselves and compare it to what they wanted,” she says.

Skinspirations Services:

Hydrafacial at Skinspirations

Skinspirations offers a diverse selection of cosmetic services, laser treatments, professional skin care treatments and injectables, and so much more. Some of the practice’s most popular services include the hydrafacial (seen here) as well as the liquid facelift and other kinds of laser facial rejuvenation. But whatever the tool or treatment, the Skinspirations team is committed to safety and excellence. Skinspirations is the place to go for the best cosmetic skin care.



Just as client needs have evolved over the past 15 years, client demographics have grown more diverse. Two full time aestheticians now provide skin care services to a large client base, men and women, and many of them much younger than might be expected – 20s and 30s. Technology is a big contributor to the growing customer base, as it becomes more advanced and Skinspirations can forego the need for surgical facelifts to employ non-surgical options.


Skinspirations Professional Skin Care:

Beauty Concept Skin Aging. Anti-aging Procedures, Rejuvenation,

It’s true – Skinspirations is a medical practice, not a spa, so for this reason the team’s licensed estheticians are both knowledgeable and skilled to uses tools and medical-grade products not offered through spas but incredibly powerful in trained hands who know how to design a custom solution according to a client’s skin type and needs over a series of a visits or only a few trips to the office, focusing on a specific problem area (such as the eyes, hands or feet) or over the entire body. The team offers everything from chemical peels, facials and acne treatments to dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy and more.


Skinspirations Aesthetic Injectable Treatments:

Skinspirations Aesthetic Injectable Treatments:

Injectable muscle relaxants, dermal fillers from and dermal stimulants are effective for restoring facial volume often lost with aging and providing subtle, natural feature enhancement. For over fifteen years, the practitioners at Skinspirations have provided over 26,000 cosmetic injectable treatments.


Skinspirations Lasers & Devices:

Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts

Skinspirations offers some of the most effective cosmetic laser and medical device treatments available. Dr. Elliott is a certified laser instructor who has taught other physicians in both the Caribbean and the U.S., and she and her staff have performed more than 12,000 laser treatments, everything from laser skin resurfacing and vein reduction to laser hair removal, tattoo removal or nail fungus removal.


They also provide a variety of other consultations and services including face aging consultation, body contouring and regenerative medicine. Her passion and past experience in handling trauma patients inspired Dr. Elliott’s interest in learning more about regenerative medicine alternatives, a service area she considers the wave of the future.

Educating & Consulting, Roles Skinspirations Takes Seriously

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

Cynthia Elliott, M.D. of Skinspirations says there are fallacies about cosmetic medicine that she and her team work hard to dispel on a regular basis. “There’s a myth that most people seeking cosmetic medicine or laser treatments either want to look really different or unique in some way and that couldn’t be further from what we have seen. Many who come to us are working women who just want to maintain a certain level of their appearance, not try to look much younger than they are.”

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

She says that her team is experienced enough and has been in this industry for a while to know what options are available to their clients. In fact, she often regards her teams as much educators and consultants as practitioners. Whenever a client stops by to discuss cosmetic medicine treatments, team members will ask them what their concerns are and what they would like to change if they could, provide them with the best options currently available (whether Skinspirations offers them or not) and answers any other questions or provides additional information to make certain they understand all of the options to consider. If they elect to do something Skinspirations currently doesn’t provide, it is customary for a team member to help them locate a reputable provider of those services that the practice can recommend.


A Longtime Neighbor in the Clearwater Community

Skinspirations professional skin care

The team at Skinspirations on a daily basis works with members of the community to help them achieve personal appearance goals to regain confidence, build self-esteem, implement a healthy skin care regimen or another goal that is meaningful to them. But the cosmetic medicine and professional skin care practice also does its part throughout the year to be a good neighbor – whether it’s supporting area businesses whenever possible or hosting special fundraisers and other fun events to draw attention to an important cause.

Skinspirations professional skin care

In past years, Skinspirations has shown its support for Dress for Success Tampa Bay with its annual Oscar Party which not only benefited a local nonprofit near and dear to their hearts but also allowed the community to stop into the practice and get an up close look at professional skin care tools, injectables and laser treatments, as well as meet the team.

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

In the fall, Skinspirations has been known to throw a memorable Halloween bash and fundraiser, with one of its frequent beneficiaries, HEP (the Homeless Empowerment Program) also known as the Homeless Emergency Project. These parties not only allow the team to raise money for a good cause but also enable them to mingle with the community and demonstrate their sense of humor and fun as they interact with neighbors and give them a tour around the office.

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

To Dr. Elliott, encouraging others to ‘Shop Local’ and support their local business community is a win-win for all involved. “There are unique benefits of doing business locally. You establish a good balance as you support them and they support you, and all of you feel more interconnected as you help create a positive experience for getting to know the people who live in your community.” She says this doesn’t stop with getting to know your potential customers, that it is just as important for local businesses to get to know each other and support each other when they can. “When businesses connect, you find ways you can help one another, service is definitely better, and trust can be built.”

Engage with Skinspirations:

Coolsculpting at Skinspirations

Staying ‘in the know’ about the latest beauty and professional skin care news is important to many who are diligently trying to fend off the signs of aging and take care of their skin. For those seeking easy ways to interact with Skinspirations, here are a few suggestions:

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Skinspirations Cosmetic Skin Care Experts

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Where to Find Skinspirations:

Skinspirations the Cosmetic Skin Experts

13577 Feather South Dr., Suite 350, Clearwater, FL  33767
Tel: 727.571.1923

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Content Written by Chris Kuhn, photos courtesy of Skinspirations

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