MUSE Awards

St. Pete’s Museum of Fine Arts

To Host Annual MUSE Awards Feb. 28

St. Pete’s Museum of Fine Arts will host this year’s Annual MUSE Awards. The Annual MUSE Awards celebrates artistic inspiration by recognizing the breadth and beauty of art and culture in the vibrant city of St. Pete. This benefit pays tribute to those that contribute to inspire and guide St. Pete to its standing as an international arts destination. The event is happening at the Museum of Fine Arts and begins at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

Museum of Fine Arts host MUSE Award 2020

For six years Annual MUSE Awards has been the arts event of the year, and this year will again feature surprises that will only be experienced once.  It is sponsored by the St. Pete Arts Alliance. This is an evening to re-energize and renew our commitment to collaborating all year long to make St. Petersburg truly a City of the Arts.

Musuem of Fine Art Party Room for MUSE Awards

Guests may also enjoy the Museum’s exhibit “The Art of the Stage, Picasso to Hockney.”  The exhibition features over 100 studies for scene, costume, curtain, and program designs, as well as maquettes and costumes by noted artists from the nineteenth century to the present day. The Annual MUSE Awards event will be designed to complement the exhibition.

MUSE Awards

By buying a ticket to MUSE or joining us as a Sponsor, you make so many of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance’s projects possible, from city-wide festivals to classes and grant opportunities for working artists, and arts incubator programs. Proceeds from the MUSE Awards benefit artists, arts businesses, and arts and cultural organizations in our city, through the programs and services provided by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy of the MFA in St Pete and the National MUSE Awards.