Tampa Bay Bucs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Close Favorites To Repeat Super Bowl Feat Next Season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Close Favorites To Repeat Super Bowl Feat Next Season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are readying themselves for another run at the Super Bowl next year and are near favorites to repeat the feat.

This year’s Super Bowl opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs are the outright favorites but the Bucs are right behind as second favorites in the NFL picks. One punter has already bet big on the Bucs to win it all again next season. BetMGM claims to have received a wager worth $30,000 on the Bucs that will pay $210,000, based on +700 odds, should they finish next season with Super Bowl trophy in hand again.

Bookies initially attached odds of +1200 on the Bucs to win the championship game but it has been almost halved to +700. According to Yahoo Sports, Tampa Bay has been bet on by 14.8 percent of punters at BetMGM, when it comes to Super Bowl futures, and 21.4 percent of all wagers have gone towards the defending champs.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, are favored at +450 but less people have bet on them, with 10.6 percent of bettors throwing their money behind them and 11.8 percent of all wagers getting placed on their odds.

Kansas City and Tampa are the clear faves but it, a bit muddled from there. The Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers are both +1200 while the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams are at +1400, with the Green Bay Packers at +1600. The Browns, though, have made the most significant movement, going from +2500 to +1400 and have seen the fourth-largest number of punters take to their odds (5.9 percent). The Denver Broncos are third in that regard, with 7.6 percent of bettors looking at their picks and a whopping 85 percent of the cash heading their way, so to speak. Denver opened at +6500 but are now at +4000

tampa bay bucs turn around defense photo by Kyle Zedaker

BetMGM’s Current Super Bowl Odds Are All Right Below:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: +450
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +700
  • Buffalo Bills: +1200
  • San Francisco 49ers: +1200
  • Baltimore Ravens: +1400
  • Cleveland Browns: +1400
  • Los Angeles Rams: +1400
  • Green Bay Packers: +1600
  • Indianapolis Colts: +2500
  • Tennessee Titans: +2500
  • Arizona Cardinals: +3000
  • Dallas Cowboys: +3000
  • Los Angeles Chargers: +3000
  • Miami Dolphins: +3000
  • Seattle Seahawks: +3000
  • New England Patriots: +3500
  • Denver Broncos: +4000
  • Minnesota Vikings: +4000
  • New Orleans Saints: +4000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: +4000
  • Washington Football Team: +4000
  • Chicago Bears: +6600
  • Carolina Panthers: +8000
  • Las Vegas Raiders: +8000
  • New York Giants: +8000
  • Atlanta Falcons: +12500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: +12500
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +12500
  • Cincinnati Bengals: +15000
  • New York Jets: +15000
  • Detroit Lions: +25000
  • Houston Texans: +30000

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers aren’t having all that great of a time in training. Florida is, of course, a lot warmer than most other states but, around this time of year, it could get pretty hot. That plays into the Bucs’ hands when other teams come to their Raymond James Stadium. However, the heat could also be pretty unkind to the home side.

SuperBowl 2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers Close Favorites To Repeat Super Bowl Feat Next Season

With the team now three days into training, head coach Bruce Arians isn’t very happy with the beating his team is taking from the heat and has admitted that he isn’t satisfied with the way things have unfolded thus far.

The coach says his team will have to adjust to the temperature and he requires them to be able to make plays when they’re tired and hot.

“I think our guys right now are giving in to the heat,” he said after practice on Monday. “We’ve got to get in shape. I’m not really pleased with the last 30 minutes of either practice so far. Love the fact that it gets really, really hot in the second half; it does in games, too, especially here. It’s something that we’ve got to be better adjusted to as we get going, and making plays when we’re tired and hot. [We] dropped way too many passes, gave up way too many plays in the second half of practice. Other than that – the first half of practice is outstanding, but the second half is not very good.”

Tampa Bay Bucs-Raymond James Stadium

Arians isn’t ready to feel sorry for any of his players who spent parts of their offseason training outside of Tampa instead of getting used to the conditions therein.

Players will have enough time to get acclimated before they actually have to play a game but the head coach would prefer it if they could reach peak fitness at the earliest.

“It’s all mental, it’s all mental,” he added. “If you didn’t train here, it’s your own damn fault. You knew what you were getting into. So, make sure that whatever you’re doing, hydrating-wise, you’re taking care of yourself so that we don’t have soft-tissue injuries because of dehydration.”

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