Midnight in Paris Exhibition at the Dali

The Dali Museum Introduces Midnight in Paris Exhibition

Midnight in Paris: Surrealism at the Crossroads, 1929

The Dali Museum Introduces “Midnight in Paris” Exhibition. When Salvador Dalí & Luis Buñuel’s film Un chien Andalou premiered in the City of Light, Paris was an avant-garde hothouse rife with artistic conflict and friendly rivalry. The Dali’s new exhibition, “Midnight in Paris: Surrealism at the Crossroads, 1929,” will be displayed from November 23 through April 5. The unique installation is in its first and only appearance in North America.

Midnight in Paris at the Dali

Midnight in Paris immerses visitors in this particularly rich and vital creative era by examining the works, friendships and clashes of Jean Arp, André Breton, Luis Buñuel, Alexander Calder, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, René Magritte, Joan Miró, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy and others.

Midnight in Paris at the Dali

Organized by the Centre Pompidou in Paris and The Dalí Museum, Midnight in Paris is curated by Dr. William Jeffett, Chief Curator of Special Exhibitions at The Dalí Museum, and Didier Ottinger, Assistant Director of the Musée national d’art moderne at the Centre Pompidou. The Dalí Museum’s unique installation was adapted from a selection of works organized by Dr. Ottinger and previously exhibited at the Palazzo Blu in Pisa and the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.

Midnight in Paris at the Dali

The exhibition is designed for visitors to stroll through the streets of Paris, with a focus on the paintings, photographs, sculptures and personalities of iconic Surrealist artists.

The exhibition will also feature archival film and documents from the movement, as well as several rarely loaned Salvador Dalí works, including one of his earliest double-image paintings. The Dali Museum is located at 1 Dali Blvd. in St. Petersburg. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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