‘Trashy Treasures’ Art Show

Trashy Treasures Will Be The Biggest Ever at DFAC

Trashy Treasures Goes Back to its Roots (and Then Some) at The Dunedin Fine Art Center.

After years of of toying with additions to the immensely popular TRASHY TREASURES, DFAC’s venerable Art Garage Sale, The Dunedin Fine Art Center is returning to the foundation of what has become a uniquely fringe arts festival. We’re going back to our roots noted Ken Hannon DFAC’s Vice-President. We’re even going to be serving hot dogs on Friday night,  he said

With only the one event to concentrate on, DFAC has added a theme that they hope to change yearly. This year’s theme is Steamy Punk.  In a typical Dunedin Fine Art Center twist on an otherwise more standard fare, Steamy Punk, as the name implies, asks people to look at not only Steam Punk, but also more adult orientated interpretations and even the eponymous 70’s and 80’s musical subculture.  There will be a COSTUME CONTEST, with PRIZES awarded to the best of the bash!

For those unfamiliar with Trashy Treasures, the Bay area’s most loved art garage sale, it’s just that. People donate art works that they’ve perhaps grown tired of, and art supplies they no longer need to DFAC. The Dunedin Fine Art Center then offers a select group for sale by silent auction for the event the evening of Friday the 10th and then prices the rest of it to sell on a first-come first-served garage sale basis on Saturday the 11th.  It’s great fun and needless to say, some INCREDIBLE values can be had.

The event runs for just one evening and one day March 10 & 11, 2017. Friday night the 11th promises to be another legendary DFAC party starting at 6:00 pm, with the BEST art, cash bars, music. and of course those INCREDIBLE COSTUMES!  Additional flair will be provided by surprise guests and of course that delicious FREE hot dog and a FREE Drink!

Admission to the Friday night March 10th party is $10 while the sale will be open FREE to the public, Saturday the March 11th from 10am – 2pm.

All at the Dunedin Fine Art Center – 1143 Michigan Blvd. – Dunedin, FL – 727.298.DFAC more info at www.dfac.org


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