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An Unexpected Treat Awaits at “Broke N Bored”

One visit to Broke ‘N’ Bored Grill in Redington Shores, and you will wonder why they named it that and how could one miss this hidden gem.  (We finally figured it out…the restaurant was created from the idea of a broken surfboard on the wall and behind the bar!  Here I thought it was a bunch of retired folks wanting something to do. LOL!)  We have driven by the place many times before but never went in.  We thought it was a diner. 

We went there based on a tip from a friend, and it was excellent and almost surreal and unexpected.  This cute little Florida dive is located on the back end of a building and has very few seats available.  It filled up quickly.  And as we sat there enjoying our dinner, we saw lots of dinners being picked up by Uber Eats and other delivery services.  This place has excellent food at reasonable prices.  And everyone we talked to there was a dedicated raving fan.  Now we know why.  It turns out that the owner used to work as the executive chef at Island Way Grill.

The food at the Broke ‘N’ Bored Grill was phenomenal, and the owners are delightful.  While we sat there eating a scrumptious meal, we were trying to figure out how they could expand their seating because this new place will catch on so fast.  Should they move to a larger location or add another restaurant? We, too, were already fans!

We started with one of the house specialties–drunken shrimp served in a wine and garlic sauce and complemented with scrumptious dipping bread…a definite 10!  Then we tried another house favorite–the Hogfish entrée with sautéed spinach with bacon and yellow rice.   The meal was cooked perfectly–delicate and flaky–not overcooked which is the best hogfish we had had in years. We also tried the house salad. It was fresh and crisp topped with their own house made dressing, and we shared the seared tuna tubular tacos.  The tacos were served with an avocado cream sauce, cabbage and lots of jalapenos.  This was good, but the hogfish got the evening’s attention.  No wonder so many dinners were going out the door for delivery to local residents and visitors!

brokenboredNext time we go to the Broke ‘N’ Bored Grill, we may try the cast iron seared filet mignon topped with blue cheese butter or red wine demi glaze.  And we will try to save room for dessert.  They have my favorite flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream and strawberry habanero glaze…a new combo I can’t wait to try!  This special find has a wide variety of menu items to choose from, and they offer great food and superior service, all at a reasonable price.  They have both lunch and dinner specials. 

Our visit to Broke ‘N’ Bored Grill was a surprising treat!  On Saturday night they even offer live entertainment.  This unique eatery is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Check out the Broke ‘N’ Bored Grill.  You’ll be glad you did.   

Broke and Bored Grill at 35 182nd Ave in Redington Shores.  Visit them online at or call 727-498-7893