Vietgone is an all-American love story with a unique test in this new show to debut early next month St. Pete’s American Stage. The time is 1975, and Saigon has fallen. Two new Americans who have both suffered loss join hearts and lives for a new love in a new land.

VIETGONE is a vibrant colorful blast with effective and inventive quick change staging, political messaging, witty and informative dialogue, funky contemporary music and plenty of eroticism to keep both your ears and eyes vigilant. It speaks to current political issues such as racism, the immigrant experience and intolerance but renders a production infused with levity, laughter and hope for an increasingly multicultural-multiracial America. For more information, click here. Vietgone will be held on Wednesday, October 2 – Sunday, November 3 at the American Stage in St. Petersburg.

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