Sara Evans

Warrior Games Closing Ceremonies

Featuring Special Guest Sara Evans

Warrior Games Closing Ceremonies

Join the Warrior Games Closing Ceremonies for 10 days of inspiring competition comes to a close and guest host Jon Stewart formally wraps up Tampa’s first ever Warrior Games with the Tampa Bay Rays!

Join in the celebration of this year’s individual and team performances and distribution of the prestigious “heart of the team” award. Country artist Sara Evans performs at the Amelie Arena on Sunday, June 30 (6:30 p.m.)

More on the Warrior Games:

Tampa Bay Warrior Games

The Department of Defense (DOD) Warrior Games is underway here in Tampa Bay. The event features approximately 300 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans competing across 14 adaptive sports.

Competing athletes will be representing the U.S Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command (SOCOM), in addition to allied countries such as Australia, Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

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