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Over the years what has made Destination Tampa Bay™ unique is our ability to tell your story.  We have found that most of our customers do best with a combination of advertising and professionally written stories to drive business to their establishment or their special event.  With the Holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to promote your party plans, events and more!

We will work with you to not only to get your story on our popular website, but then we will help you promote it directly to YOUR target market. We call this the PUSH method (available for solo stories noted below).  We have so many examples of success from this method that we now want to share this opportunity with you. What makes Destination Tampa Bay™ different is that we will get work to get YOUR story in front of YOUR target market. So we drive customers to your story and to your website or business. 

Perfect for Smaller Businesses Holiday Planning:

You can choose a small profile that would include up to a 300 word write-up including contact information and details. This program is available for only $159.00. For this program we simply need to know what you are trying to promote and when in your own words. We are happy to make copy suggestions with your basic information. You will also need to provide a logo and all the proper contact information. If you have a good photo make sure to include that too! (If not we can help you with this too). Then we will combine this content with a list of venues to promote the BEST parties in the Tampa Bay area!

Having a Really BIG event? Looking for that Extra Exposure?

Wanting even more exposure and ticket sales? We can also assign your story to a professional writer and create a solo story about the variety of party plans you will be having this Holiday season. The cost for this program is $365.00. This program would be best for those needing more to explain more details about all they have to offer (possibly multiple events). In addition this would be a solo story just on your establishment. Of course we still need an idea of what you would like to accomplish and any photos, contact information and logo. This would include us boosting your post to your target market for maximized results. Did you know that just having your story on our website improves your own website authority with back-links and more. 

If you are interested in learning more, simply please fill-out the form below and we will get with you on the details. (Or feel free to call us at 813-596-6161) Above feature image from previous Holiday Party at ZooTampa. Deadline for content is November 8th 2021.

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